KataGo Distributed Training

About This Run

KataGo is a strong open-source self-play-trained Go engine, with many improvements to accelerate learning (arXiv paper and further techniques since). It can predict score and territory, play handicap games reasonably, and handle many board sizes and rules all with the same neural net.

This site hosts KataGo's first public-distributed training run! With the help of volunteers, we are attempting to resume training from the end of KataGo's previous official run ("g170") that ended in June 2020, and see how much further we can go. If would like to contribute, see below!

Downloading KataGo

If you simply want to run KataGo, the latest releases are here and you can download the latest networks from here. You very likely want a GUI as well, because the engine alone is command-line-only. Some possible GUIs include KaTrain, Lizzie, and q5Go, more can be found searching online.

How to Contribute

Contributors are much appreciated! If you'd like to contribute your spare GPU cycles to generate training data for the run, the steps are:

  • Download KataGo precompiled or build it from source. (if building, only certain versions will work, please also don't skip these checks, see link for details. TLDR is: use stable branch, not master.).

  • Before anything further, to reduce the risk of GPU issues and bad data, please make sure KataGo is working properly as a plain engine or analysis tool with your favorite GUI! Make sure you also have plenty of free disk space (at least 10-20 GB) to hold networks and data.

  • Create an account on this site, picking a username and secure password. Make sure to verify your email so that the site considers your account fully active. Note: the username you pick will be publicly visible in statistics and on the games you contribute.

  • Create a copy of the contribute_example.cfg that came when you downloaded KataGo (or found in cpp/configs/ if you cloned and built from source). Name that copy contribute.cfg and put it in the same directory as the KataGo executable. Edit within a text editor to fill in your username, password, and other desired options.

  • Run it on the command line like: ./katago contribute -config contribute.cfg on Linux, or katago.exe contribute -config contribute.cfg on Windows. If it is working, it should print out various stats as it runs and uploads games to this website.

  • After enough time, once the first games are completed, a further few minutes later they should show up at https://katagotraining.org/contributions/ (scroll down and find your username). If there is any doubt and/or to reduce the risk of buggy data, please check that they're there and that they look like reasonable games.

And if you're interested contribute to development via coding, or have a cool idea for a tool, check out either KataGo's GitHub or the this website's GitHub, and/or the Discord chat where various devs hang out. If you want to test a change that affects the distributed client and you need a test server to experiment with modified versions of KataGo, it is available at test.katagodistributed.org, contact lightvector or tychota in Discord for a testing account.

Stats for kata1

This run is named kata1 and began on 2020-11-28 20:23:43 UTC.

Data Generation

Across all time, 392 distinct users have uploaded 1,244,298,946 rows of training data, 23,378,307 training games, and 567,165 rating games.

In the last week, 53 distinct users have uploaded 6,775,284 rows of training data, 132,937 new training games, and 2,044 new rating games.

In the last 24h, 28 distinct users have uploaded 1,038,183 rows of training data, 20,436 new training games, and 311 new rating games.

Look up and view games for this run here.


A total of 418 networks have been uploaded for kata1.

Latest network: kata1-b40c256-s10126672640-d2468611129

Strongest confidently-rated network: kata1-b40c256-s10079401728-d2456898881

Approximate Elo Ratings Graph
Graph is based on about 567,165 rating games using mid to high hundreds of playouts. Ratings might still be mildly inflated due to only playing other KataGo nets, but otherwise are fresh and unbiased and involve a variety of nets to avoid rock-paper-scissors. Vertical bars indicate approximately a 95% confidence interval.

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Top Contributors

See here for a full list of contributors for kata1.

In the Last 24h

User Training Rows Training Games Rating Games
katavip.net 427,958 rows generated 8,442 training games 80 rating games
spark9 162,004 rows generated 3,199 training games 47 rating games
Friday9i 143,744 rows generated 2,793 training games 56 rating games
kcwu 124,551 rows generated 2,466 training games 74 rating games
trshimizu 50,468 rows generated 986 training games 4 rating games
petgo3 23,064 rows generated 460 training games 4 rating games
jojo 21,590 rows generated 413 training games 16 rating games
ez4u 13,902 rows generated 274 training games 12 rating games
魏启轩 13,572 rows generated 287 training games 0 rating games
alan 10,998 rows generated 206 training games 0 rating games
wallaceccwong 9,255 rows generated 172 training games 4 rating games
Daviid 8,938 rows generated 167 training games 8 rating games
yxy 6,438 rows generated 132 training games 3 rating games
Miles 5,774 rows generated 117 training games 0 rating games
tecsookza 5,171 rows generated 99 training games 0 rating games

In the Last Week

User Training Rows Training Games Rating Games
katavip.net 2,563,771 rows generated 50,325 training games 476 rating games
Friday9i 945,532 rows generated 18,513 training games 424 rating games
spark9 942,409 rows generated 18,424 training games 280 rating games
kcwu 881,868 rows generated 17,286 training games 254 rating games
trshimizu 332,714 rows generated 6,538 training games 106 rating games
jojo 198,694 rows generated 3,895 training games 79 rating games
petgo3 116,110 rows generated 2,321 training games 48 rating games
ez4u 107,643 rows generated 2,090 training games 40 rating games
daiwei 95,108 rows generated 1,865 training games 49 rating games
魏启轩 74,060 rows generated 1,501 training games 26 rating games
alan 72,350 rows generated 1,410 training games 40 rating games
hanpigo 71,911 rows generated 1,412 training games 51 rating games
Daviid 63,402 rows generated 1,245 training games 40 rating games
ningxiao 46,773 rows generated 903 training games 20 rating games
yxy 44,281 rows generated 862 training games 12 rating games


User Training Rows Training Games Rating Games
luckyangman 342,424,159 rows generated 6,417,846 training games 140,115 rating games
AiqiGo 148,540,817 rows generated 2,818,879 training games 53,338 rating games
jiusi010302 111,533,640 rows generated 2,156,814 training games 31,514 rating games
VegetableKnife 79,204,855 rows generated 1,470,688 training games 23,367 rating games
jameswen429 65,701,378 rows generated 1,211,481 training games 30,013 rating games
kcwu 35,840,732 rows generated 683,333 training games 86,639 rating games
Sponsorship 35,233,550 rows generated 668,781 training games 13,461 rating games
yaoge123 34,952,378 rows generated 636,292 training games 2,649 rating games
petgo3 26,067,791 rows generated 487,162 training games 11,460 rating games
katavip.net 25,528,650 rows generated 499,459 training games 8,609 rating games
spark9 21,357,354 rows generated 404,927 training games 8,150 rating games
Buddha 20,793,885 rows generated 383,430 training games 9,015 rating games
daoge 14,045,702 rows generated 257,453 training games 5,741 rating games
collewjp45 13,658,786 rows generated 251,575 training games 6,063 rating games
Knight 13,427,606 rows generated 246,580 training games 5,524 rating games